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The Local Janitorial Group offers Affordable, Professional Cleaning for Businesses, Retail Stores Residential, and any other facilities. To see which areas we serve, check our service area map on the contact page. The Local Janitorial Group is offering superior cleaning and sanitizing solutions for businesses throughout the area. We can arrange the work to complement the needs of your facility and staff. Our specialists will identify the special task needed on an on-site review of your premises, and advise you of the options. We also offer after-hours service when needed in order not to interfere with the staff and guests or clients.


Special services

Cleaning We Do: Food preparation-places, and equipment, Industrial,  Retail, Commercial, Offices, Theatres, Sports & Fitness  complexes, Moving, and construction cleanup,   and most type of buildings and work places.

Keeping restrooms for public-use, clean and sanitized is essential special to prevent health issues, Our cleaning staff will always make it their top priority to make a good impression with a cleaned and well stocked restroom. With our cleaning service you can be sure that guest and staff have a welcoming experience inside your facility. We follow these steps, for safety and hygiene: 1. Put Up Wet Floor Signs during and after cleaning, to let anyone who may enter know that the floor could be slippery, 2. Dust, Sweep and Empty Trash and put in a new liners in the trash cans to prevent spillover. 3 Service, air freshener,  4 Seat Cleaner Treatment, 5 Check Automated Flushing Systems.

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